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Welcome to Wellness 4 Warriors II

The mission of Wellness 4 Warriors II is to encourage Veterans to live in a healthy home environment and provide products that will help promote health restoration.

We partner with several companies that donate a portion of a purchase to Wellness 4 Warriors. Those donations are then used to purchase products for veterans.
We approach healing from the standpoint of natural options instead of pharmaceuticals. Medicating our veterans without providing them with other resources has proven to be ineffective. There are so many negative side effects with pharmaceuticals, and we want to provide non-dependent options.

We know that clean filtered air, clean filtered water, restorative sleep, and energy have been very effective in helping our veterans cope and recover more naturally. Through Wellness 4 Warriors II veterans will be provided resources to adapt, restore, and heal to function as they should on a daily basis.

We accomplish this by providing:
* Clean Filtered Water
* Clean Home Air Purification Systems / Mobile Units
* Restorative Sleep - Sleep System (incorporating Magnetic Energy, Far Infrared, & Negative Ions)
* Energy - Magnetic Gel Insoles (increases circulation/blood flow)


Donations by mail can be sent to:
Wellness 4 Warriors II
Attention: Shaunnesy Rodriguez
3503 NW Military Hwy.
Suite #105
San Antonio, Texas 78231